Chloe Cline

Chloe Cline
That’s me!

Welcome to Chloe Cline! I’m yours truly, writing about whatever I see fit. I started this website as my own personal blog to record my thoughts and feelings. Growing up, it was the easiest way for me to make sense of the world around me. Let’s not kid ourselves – childhood and puberty are confusing as hell. But even though I’m now an adult, studying Communications at Northwestern Polytechnic University, writing out my thoughts is still one of my favorite hobbies. I guess that’s why I decided to go into Communications! If you can’t truly communicate with and understand yourself, how are you supposed to do that with other people?

The Meaning Behind My Personal Blog

In the past few years, blogging has become all the rage. But I think it’s taken a different turn now that businesses and corporations are in on it. In my opinion, it’s just not the same. Blogs give ordinary people an opportunity to let their voice reach others across the world! They can talk about whatever they want, whether it’s their political views or parenting advice. From what I’ve seen lately, though, a lot of people blog to promote their products and personal brand.

Chloe Cline is my way of taking blogging back from businesses and giving it back to the regular people who have something to say, starting with myself. So, my blog is going to cover whatever I feel like – relationships, lifestyle advice, TV, movies, technology – you name it! I’m a very multi-faceted person, so I just want to talk about whatever’s on my mind. Of course, my readers matter to me, too. I’d be thrilled if you reached out to me! I love talking about pretty much anything with new people, even differing opinions. The best way to reach me is by email, but I’ll respond to calls and snail mail, too. Take a look at my contact page if you want to find out how to get in touch with me.