Chloe Cline

Picture of me

I’m Chloe Cline, and what you’re reading is a collection of my personal thoughts. I’m currently attending SUNY Stony Brook and I’m only a year away from finally obtaining my degree in computer engineering. On the side, I work for a local radio station. I’m very involved in current pop culture trends. Actually, I need to be! I want to eventually go into video game development, so I have to know what’s doing well and what’s not. Plus, for my part-time job, it’s absolutely essential that I know what’s hot right now. Otherwise, our listeners are going to be pretty disappointed!

My Other Interests

I guess you could say I love all kinds of media. So, that might be why I’m so fond of video games! They combine so many forms of media, like art, music, storytelling, and more. They’re also a unique medium because the player can control how the story progresses and ends. For the most part, anyway. It all depends on the game. And that’s what makes it so exciting!

Even though I’m young, I have a lot of opinions! My parents have always told me that I always feel very strongly about what I believe, even if it’s not important. Throughout my college career, I’ve gotten better at expressing my personal opinions and thoughts. Especially in a constructive way. And you can’t underestimate the power of that for a student! Because I’ve gotten a lot better at communicating how I feel, I wanted to start my very own blog. I plan to write about whatever comes to mind, but my posts will most likely link back to some type of media or technology, in some way.

But, I don’t want my blog to just be a one-way conversation. That’s not any fun. So I’d like to invite all of my readers to contact me. What do you think about what I write? Is there something you disagree with? I’d really like to know! Don’t be shy, and send me a message.