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Spy on SMS Text Messages of Children While Curbing Its Negative Effects

Spy on SMS Text Messages of Children While Curbing Its Negative Effects

When parents spy text messages using phone number through cell phone spy software like Auto Forward and Highster Mobile, children can get very annoyed and might become the little monsters we are afraid of. Of course, their temperament already has parents on their guard, especially when they reach their teenage years. But this consequence of using monitoring apps is expected. After all, no one wants others “spying” on them.

While we don’t want to impose on our children’s privacy, the times have changed and checking in on children’s cell phone activities is something that every parent needs to do. Add to that the unfavorable reaction of children and you get why parenting is such a difficult challenge today.

Of course, parenting was never easy to begin with. But since technology has given way to gadgets and the internet, parents need to double their efforts in order to keep digital dangers away.

But how can checking children’s text messages and other cell phone activities keep them safe from cybercrimes?

Here Are Some Examples.

  • Sexual predators can easily contact children through messaging apps and text messages, even through phone calls. If you are not able to monitor your children’s messages and check suspicious contacts, they can become the poor victims that predators aim for.
  • Cyberbullies and trolls are found everywhere on social media and the web. And they can pick on anyone they like. If your children happen to be their target, the psychological and emotional consequences can be devastating. Being able to monitor your kids’ cell phone activities can prevent this, or it can help you easily step in when bullying is discovered.
  • Inappropriate content can harm your children. And they can be exposed to such content quite easily. Violence, pornography and other negative things need not be seen on your children’s device because they can have a lot of negative impact on their young minds.

Because of these and more, parents resort to monitoring their children’s mobile device activity. Unfortunately, doing so get children riled up.

So, how can such a reaction be prevented in children? How do you get them to cooperate?


Here Are Some Solutions.

  1. Only give your children a cell phone or tablet when they are ready. And being ready means they already have a sense of responsible, no matter how old they may be.
  2. Check any application they want to download, first. Be aware of every app’s danger and only allow those that your child can use, without posing a lot of risks.
  3. Get your child’s consent before using a monitoring app. Explain why you need to do it and let them know you will only check on them when necessary.

You can get your children to become more cooperative with your use of monitoring apps. And they can learn to be more responsible and use their gadgets safely, too. So, make sure to follow these ways and learn more about the best cell phone spy apps today at Safeguarde. Visit the website and find out what parents like you are saying.

How Do I Spy on Text Messages of My Child?

How Do I Spy on Text Messages of My Child?

It might sound rude to ask how to spy on someone text messages. But if you have kids who have their own smartphones, being able to check their messages is one thing you need to do.

This is the digital age we are living in, and mobile devices are a great part of our everyday lives. In fact, most of us can’t function properly without the help of cell phones, tablets and laptops.

But when it comes to our children, they can easily get addicted to this technology. And they are the ones at most risk of the harmful effects of gadgets and the internet. This is one important reason why parents need to use the best cell phone spy apps that you can find at Safeguarde, just like Highster Mobile.

Unfortunately, “spying”, even on your own children, has a negative impact on everybody. But when you put it in another perspective, say “monitoring”, everyone will easily get the reason for your actions.

Yes, cell phone monitoring software is an effective parenting tool for today’s generation of children, who are quite engrossed in their mobile devices. Sometimes, a little too much that they forget about the dangerous consequences of this technology.

These Consequences Include:

  1. Being preyed on by sexual predators who can groom them through messages
  2. Being cyber bullied or being the bully by sending hate and degrading messages
  3. Being exposed to messages that contain violent or inappropriate content
  4. Being a victim of identity theft from suspicious messages asking for private information
  5. Being at risk for child trafficking done by criminals through messages or calls

Text and app messages are some of the best platforms that you can check on if you want to keep your children safe from the above situations. Knowing who contacts them and checking out suspicious messages can be that crucial step that can save your innocent children from the hands of cyber criminals.

Thankfully, cell phone spy apps are available to help parents do this and establish their children’s online safety and security.

But how can the best spy software give parents access to their children’s phones, especially to their messages?

  • All you need to do is purchase and download the app.
  • Then, you have to enter the license key that you get upon purchase, as well as the phone number of the cell phone you want to monitor.
  • After the first two steps, you can already start monitoring the target phone.

Monitoring children’s messages is an effective way of keeping them out of trouble. But of course, teaching children the safe and responsible use of their gadgets is a priority. This, along with the best monitoring apps, can not only help you screen your kids’ messages, but will also give you access to their cell phone activities, especially their social media apps and their locations. At Safeguarde, you will be able to find the best monitoring software that helped parents protect their children more effectively in this dangerous age where digital crimes abound. Visit the website now.

Top 15 Protested Films That Were Banned in the U.S.

Top 15 Protested Films That Were Banned in the U.S.

The movie industry has a wide array of great films that entertain us, although, they released some controversial movies that struck us as well. Some of these films were opposed by many individuals and organizations which led the U.S. to officially ban the release throughout the country. If you’re wondering what the protested films were, we made a list of the top 15 banned movies in the U.S. Let’s see if you’ve watched some of them!

  1. The Last Temptation of Christ (1988)

The movie portrays Jesus Christ having lustful desires during his hopeless moments. This received a lot of protests from religious groups which pushed the industry to refuse the screening.

  1. Birth Control (1917)

Birth Control pioneered the sex education advocacy thru its writer, Margaret Sanger. Although, since it seemed improper back then, it was described to be immoral and unhealthy for the public eye.

  1. The Thorn (1974)

This movie was originally based on The Divine Mr. J. in the early 1970s. Due to the litigating of the film’s star, Bette Midler, based on the grounds of professional exploitation, the project was stopped. They released The Thorn almost a decade later.

  1. Scarface (1932)

Al Pacino changed the face of mobster movies. He raised people’s brows with his ultimate gangster role. However, since it was culture-sensitive, it was banned in several states across America.

  1. The Vanishing Prairie (1954)

Disney showed too much reality on this documentary about the birthing of a buffalo which caused the prohibition of the film.

  1. Ecstasy (1933)

Ecstasy was the very first film to show female nudity and sexuality. It was one of the most infamous films in the big-screen history that were banned by the U.S.

  1. The Profit (2001)

This movie was a Scientology parody which stands as a ridicule for the community.

  1. Monty Python’s Life of Brian (1979)

Life of Brian was called to be a blasphemous Monty Python film created by the British comedy filmmakers.

  1. Hillary: The Movie (2008)

This was a documentary about Hillary Clinton and was viewed as a Propaganda in the political point-of-view.

  1. The Birth of a Nation (1915)

Due to its racial prejudice, this movie is on the list. This movie produced during the Civil War and Reconstruction-era.

  1. I Am Curious (Yellow) (1967)

Sexual film paired with social issues was not the intention of the movie, but that is the reason this movie belongs to the list.

  1. Häxan (1922)

The pagan and witchcraft worlds were not able to entice the viewers through this movie.  Throughout America, the movie banned, because of its Satanic image.

  1. The Yes Men Fix the World (2009)

The Yes Men Fix the World was an HBO documentary which hit some controversial political issues. For it was not acceptable to be out in the public.

  1. Convention City (1933)

This is a sex comedy film about a group of businessmen. It did not meet the standards of censorship because of the presence of seduction and lewd jokes.

  1. Titicut Follies (1967)

Titicut Follies portrays the real deal inside the Bridgewater State Hospital for the criminally insane. The documentary film banned because of the controversial facts revealed.

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Learning About Pablo Picasso, From His`Melancholy Paintings to Cubism

Learning About Pablo Picasso, From His`Melancholy Paintings to Cubism

Those who have an interest in the art know about Pablo Picasso. But for those who have not followed his life story, you would really be puzzled as to why he came from producing melancholy paintings to modern ones filled with many angles or what was known as the Cubism movement in art.

What drove Picasso to rise from his somehow depressed state into keeping up with the changing world and establishing Cubism? Let us learn about his life story to know the answer to this question.

The Life of Pablo Picasso

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born on October 25, 1881, and came to be a Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, poet and playwright who spent most of his life in France.

As a young child, he showed natural, yet extraordinary artistic talent that improved through his childhood and adolescence. As he grew, he explored with the many techniques, different theories and ideas in his art. The style of Pablo Picasso paintings made him one of the leaders of modern art.

  • The Blue Period

From 1901 to 1904, Picasso’s style of art a Blue Period. This was because he mainly painted monochromatic paintings in shades of blue and blue-green. When this period exactly started was unclear. However, the death of his close friend Carlos Casagemas might have a huge part to play.

In the latter part of 1901, Picasso sank into depression and produced paintings that profoundly depict his emotions. The reason, his finances suffered because buyers weren’t interested in his works. Picasso’s depression ended, the Rose Period followed.

  • Cubism

Picasso’s career in art was categorized in periods. After the Blue period came Rose, African-Influenced, and, finally, Cubism, which is probably the most famous in his timeline. This movement was his response to the rapidly changing modern world.

Picasso Cubism is his way of achieving his goal of reflecting the modern age. He used geometric shapes, planes, and distorted figures and forms to show different points in a single plane.

Cubism is a groundbreaking movement in the world of art. And this established Picasso as an icon.

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Is Chance the Rapper Overrated?

Is Chance the Rapper Overrated?

Do You Think Chance The Rapper Is Overrated?

Anyone who knows anything about hit radio and popular music knows how much airtime Chance the Rapper has gotten recently. I was first exposed to the rapper in North Carolina when walking by one of his concerts after attending a symphony downtown. I couldn’t believe all the hype that was going on there! It felt like a Tinashe concert.

Oddly enough, it made me want to spy on Chance The Rapper to find out more about him so I pulled out my handy dandy spy app.


This was a couple years ago, when Chance was just beginning to get popular. Now Chance is one of the most popular rappers out there. He has a youthful vibe, and it isn’t gangster-music, it’s more social commentary that he is rapping about.


While Chance makes quality music, many people have asked whether he is overrated; At least when one looks at how quickly he has blown up.


Chance the Rapper

chance the rapper
Chance The Rapper is one of the most underrated rappers.

Ultralight Beam


Some people first heard Chance on Kanye’s The Life of Pablo album. Chance is featured in an entire verse. This was one of the first places I heard a full verse from Chance, since I was a little late getting to his music.


There is something light and playful about Chance’s music, which is refreshing. Perhaps what has made him so popular is his unique style and his positive attitude and optimism. He raps in a unique way and it has made him appealing to those that were tired of the same kinds of rap sounds all over the place.


The 2017 Grammy’s


At the 2017 Grammy’s, Chance won Best Rap Album of the Year. This was a huge achievement for the rapper, since the album was his first full-length album to be available.


It’s taken other rappers a long time to win a best album of the year award, and many have never managed to do so. The fact that Chance did it so early may make it easier for his critics to take jabs at him.


Guilty by Association


Part of the problem when it comes to Chance being overrated is that he is already associating with some of the greatest rappers of our generation. Say what you want about Kanye, his music has still made an incredible impact on the hip-hop scene and he has a massive following.


Many people think that Chance is overrated because since he’s associated with the other great rappers at such an early point in his career, there is this idea that he should already be making music like they have made. In other words, he is being compared to his peers, which are already men like Kanye, Lil’ Wayne, and Future. So, give the kid a break, he’s still getting started. There’s no telling what he’ll be able to create given time and space.


There is no doubt that Chance makes great music. Chance is featured in great songs like Ultralight Beam and Angels. There is something about the hype surrounding him that make me think he may be a little overrated. He doesn’t make bad music. It’s hard for anyone to live up to that much hype. If you like this post, check out my other post about the Black Panther Album


Black Panther The Album

Black Panther The Album

Black Panther shattered the box office, taking its place as one of the biggest opening weekend in the film industry. On that same note, Kendrick Lamar produced an album to accompany the film. It’s just as much of a hit. Not sure if your friends have listened to it yet? You can intercept text messages without the target phone and find out, using a site like Best Cell Phone Spy Apps.

Kendrick’s album reached the top of the charts and does not seem to be slowing down. Featuring heavy hitters such as The Weeknd, SZA, 2 Chainz, and more, it’s just as great to listen to as the movie is to watch.

The Black Panther Soundtrack

Black Panther has themes of peace and violence, power and weakness, action and day dreaming, and other opposites. So, it’s fitting that Kendrick Lamar would produce the album, as his own work has these themes as well. With an incredible successful year for the Compton-born musician, I expected an impressive album, and he did not disappoint.

With an African influence, the record pulses with hand drums, vocal chants and jungle-esque beats. Paired with Lamar’s modern-day hip hop beats and input from Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, this amazing music and tension delivers a well-rounded album. I tried recommending it to some of my friends, but when I finally got to intercept text messages without the target phone, I found out they all already heard it!

I was very impressed by Black Panther.
Black Panther had so many amazing scenes – I can’t pick one!

The record begins with the title track, “Black Panther,” which feels more like spoken word than a song. It makes more nods to the movie than any other track on the record, as the rapper calls himself T’Challa and Killmonger, the movie’s main characters. This is a great intro to the rest of the songs.

The second track, “All The Stars,” is perhaps the most pop-infused track. With a killer verse (and one of his only vocal appearances on the album), Lamar shows his opinions on entitlement and his hunger for truth. The real star of the song is SZA. Her melodies, which dance around the drum and bass chorus, will get stuck in your head for weeks.

The Best Parts Of The Soundtrack

The middle portion of the album is the real meat. You’ll hear different languages, South African club house beats, more verses from Lamar, hooks from Future, and plenty of other surprises. Don’t spoil yourself by trying to intercept text messages without the target phone. It’s best to experience it yourself first.

The album finishes with a collaboration with The Weeknd. “Pray for Me” will probably be the most successful song from this album. It may sounds like it would have been on The Weeknd’s Star Boy, but Kendrick Lamar’s verse really steals the show.

This album is a bold and ambitious piece of art. Just like the movie, it is intentional and will hopefully stand the test of time. Have a listen and make your own opinion!

The Film Itself

The soundtrack did its part, but so did the film Black Panther. The movie crashed through records, becoming the second-most grossing superhero movie of all time, second only to The Avengers, one of Marvel’s most popular titles. Do yourself a favor and go enjoy the film if you haven’t seen it yet!

Shows on Netflix that Need Another Season

Shows on Netflix that Need Another Season

There are so many amazing shows on Netflix. Some of them are so binge-worthy that people have spent hours at a time, watching episode after episode. Netflix really has changed the way that people watch movies and shows, with an incredible amount of content available at the touch of a button. That’s one reason why parents will use an iPhone spy app to see what their kids are watching. One flaw with Netflix, though, is that it hasn’t been great at renewing its successful shows after a certain number of seasons.

A few years ago, Netflix started offering their own original series, producing their own TV shows that are exclusively available on their video streaming service. It’s a fantastic concept, until they decide that their shows aren’t worth the money it takes to create them.

This happened with “Marco Polo,” an incredible Netflix original, which was unfortunately discontinued after just a couple of seasons. But Netflix has plenty of other shows that are still active and up for renewal – here are 3 of them.

3 Shows on Netflix that Should Be Renewed


“Frontier” stars Jason Momoa, who was recently cast as Aquaman in DC’s new “The Justice League” movie. He’s most famous for the role he played in “Game of Thrones.”

“Frontier” is a Netflix original, co-produced by Netflix and Discovery Channel (Canada) that recently put out its second season. Both seasons were great and focused on the fur trade in North America during the 1700’s. The second season ended with a definite cliffhanger and an easy intro into a third season. But, whether we’ll see it happen has yet to be confirmed.

The Last Kingdom

This is another show that recently finished its second season. It’s not a Netflix original, but was produced by BBC. Netflix has been one of the most popular places to view it though, especially for people in America with an iPhone spy app.

The show takes place in 9th century England. But, England doesn’t exist as we know it today. Instead, the island is split into several kingdoms, with the invading Vikings (called Danes) beginning to also settle on the British island.

“The Last Kingdom” is a tamer version of “Game of Thrones,” based on historical realities. It’s another great show that has unofficially been promised to renew. Supposedly the next season will come in late 2018.

The Punisher

One of the best shows on Netflix.
“The Punisher” is one of my favorite shows on Netflix.

This show has actually been confirmed for another season. The Marvel series was a smash hit on Netflix, and after only one season, it seems sure that The Punisher won’t end. It is an intense, violent show, so parents need to use an iPhone spy app to make sure their kids don’t watch it. But for adults, it’s entertaining and interesting.

“The Punisher” is gritty and graphic, but it’s a refreshing take on the typically friendly Marvel superheroes. Frank Castle has indeed been renewed for another season, and viewers will look forward to seeing the carnage that ensues in the second season of “The Punisher.” Hopefully, it will be released sometime in 2018.

What other Netflix series deserve another season? Email me your thoughts!