Is Chance the Rapper Overrated?

chance the rapper

Do You Think Chance The Rapper Is Overrated?

Anyone who knows anything about hit radio and popular music knows how much airtime Chance the Rapper has gotten recently. I was first exposed to the rapper in North Carolina when walking by one of his concerts after attending a symphony downtown. I couldn’t believe all the hype that was going on there! It felt like a Tinashe concert.

Oddly enough, it made me want to spy on Chance The Rapper to find out more about him so I pulled out my handy dandy spy app.


This was a couple years ago, when Chance was just beginning to get popular. Now Chance is one of the most popular rappers out there. He has a youthful vibe, and it isn’t gangster-music, it’s more social commentary that he is rapping about.


While Chance makes quality music, many people have asked whether he is overrated; At least when one looks at how quickly he has blown up.


Chance the Rapper

chance the rapper
Chance The Rapper is one of the most underrated rappers.

Ultralight Beam


Some people first heard Chance on Kanye’s The Life of Pablo album. Chance is featured in an entire verse. This was one of the first places I heard a full verse from Chance, since I was a little late getting to his music.


There is something light and playful about Chance’s music, which is refreshing. Perhaps what has made him so popular is his unique style and his positive attitude and optimism. He raps in a unique way and it has made him appealing to those that were tired of the same kinds of rap sounds all over the place.


The 2017 Grammy’s


At the 2017 Grammy’s, Chance won Best Rap Album of the Year. This was a huge achievement for the rapper, since the album was his first full-length album to be available.


It’s taken other rappers a long time to win a best album of the year award, and many have never managed to do so. The fact that Chance did it so early may make it easier for his critics to take jabs at him.


Guilty by Association


Part of the problem when it comes to Chance being overrated is that he is already associating with some of the greatest rappers of our generation. Say what you want about Kanye, his music has still made an incredible impact on the hip-hop scene and he has a massive following.


Many people think that Chance is overrated because since he’s associated with the other great rappers at such an early point in his career, there is this idea that he should already be making music like they have made. In other words, he is being compared to his peers, which are already men like Kanye, Lil’ Wayne, and Future. So, give the kid a break, he’s still getting started. There’s no telling what he’ll be able to create given time and space.


There is no doubt that Chance makes great music. Chance is featured in great songs like Ultralight Beam and Angels. There is something about the hype surrounding him that make me think he may be a little overrated. He doesn’t make bad music. It’s hard for anyone to live up to that much hype. If you like this post, check out my other post about the Black Panther Album